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by Leeza Crowe September 21, 2020


Girls, welcome back!

Today I'm showing you some serious colour. This is one of my favorite colours. It's the Sunray Horizon Pleated Skirt by brand We Are The Others. It's 100% polyester so as you can see it just moves beautifully with your body and it's super light, so perfect for this time of year. It's got a nice stretchy waistband, which is also good with a bit of silver bling. It has mini pleats, a nice stripy feature across the leg and it's a perfect ankle length as well - so not too long.

We stock sizes two and three in our store which is similar to say a small and a medium. But I think you'll find with the flowy nature of the fabric and the elastic waistband that it's going to suit most shapes and sizes.

I've thrown on an Italian Star White Linen Tee today and tied it up for a bit of fun. I've also got my white runners on, and I'm good to go. If I get a bit chilly later I might throw on my Italian Star Denim Jacket. So if there's anything you'd like here today, jump onto our website at

Happy shopping girls!

Bye, Miranda


Get Miranda's look!

We Are The Others Skirt Zabecca Living range of Tees Italian Star Denim Jacket Supergas Sneakers 

Royal Hamam Earrings

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