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by Makayla Daglish June 10, 2021


As the weather starts turning shades of grey, that doesn't mean your outfit has to! How you look on the outside can directly impact how you feel on the inside. Challenging yourself to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe can provide an instant mood lifter!

Whether you're wanting to just dip your toe into the wonderful world of colour or you're ready to dive head first into the whole colour palette, we've got some helpful style tips and carefully curated pieces to get you stared with wearing colour this Winter.


Add just a pop of colour

It can be scary when experimenting with colour for the first time, but don’t feel like you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe all at once. A great place to start is finding a classic item in a bright hue, and then pair it with your go-to neutral basics in the likes of black, white, navy and tan. This also gives the illusion that you have an endless wardrobe, from just one piece!

Confidence is just as effective as a good bit of colour when it comes to adding some life to your wardrobe, so make sure you're always picking colours and styles that you love and work for you.

We love...

URBAN LUXURY Bee Glitter Tee   INZAGI Tokyo Knit   ZAKET & PLOVER Icelandic Cuff Knit Jumper   EST 1971 Zebra Cross Windy Sweatshirt   HAMMILL & CO Retro 78 Sweat   WE ARE THE OTHERS Blue Horizon Sunray Skirt


Consider the 'new neutrals'

If a bold color doesn’t suit your personality, but you're looking for something a little more daring than the classic neutrals, try softer colours like blush, khaki, denim, mustard, oxblood and camel. These rich, organic shades will liven up any wardrobe while staying in your comfort zone. Or try out pastels for the slightest boost of colour. 

We love...

APERO Embroidered Tee   ZOE KRATZMANN Bloom Top   EST 1971 Full Leopard Frayed Star Windy   ZAKET & PLOVER Bellini Comfort Roll Neck Sweater   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Macy Wrap Skirt   ITALIAN STAR Button Jeans


Have fun with patterns

Experimenting with patterned clothes is a really easy way to introduce more colour into your wardrobe. Opt for a pattern that has an easy to style base colour, whether it be floral, animal print or geometric. Once you have a few good patterns to work with, adding different colours to wear with each item should be super simple, and a lot of fun!

We love...

POL Metamorphosis Print Top   URBAN LUXURY Berry Lurex Shirt   GYSETTE Alya Wandering Soul Maxi Dress   EST 1971 Denim Leopard Windy   WE ARE THE OTHERS Dusty Blue Animal Sunray Skirt   RUBYYAYA Fame Silver Jacket


Go monochromatic

Head-to-toe colour is just as slimming as head-to-toe black, with the added bonus of being unexpected and chic. Try this with any colour of your choice in a classic cut for a foolproof look. Colour doesn't have to be bilious if it’s recast in silhouettes that are tried and true.

We love...

POL Paloma Double Layer Dress   POL Anke Draped Tee   We Are The Others Polka Dot Shirt and Wrap Skirt   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Jo Jo Jumpsuit   HAMMILL & CO Retro 78 Sweat and track pants


When in doubt, accessorise 

If you’re wanting just a splash of colour, try adding an accent piece to elevate your outfit. A colourful accessory can be grabbed last minute and is a simple ways to switch things up without compromising your look. Earrings, scarves, bags, hats, and hair pieces are all likely contenders. Or ditch the white sneakers and try adding some coloured shoes to boost your favourite outfit. Even a bright lip colour makes for a nice pop of colour. 

We love...

AYALA BAR Deep Fuchsia Lavender Colourful Earrings   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Olivia Cap   TIGER TREE Starry Night Scarf   TIGER TREE Etoile Gloves   LOUENHIDE Andrea Crossbody Bag   HAMMILL & CO Washed Canvas Sneakers   LUK Lip Nourish Lipstick

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