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We're all about bold statement earrings here at Zabecca Living - the bigger, the brighter, the better! That is why we're so excited to showcase internationally recognised Israeli jeweler, Ayala Bar, and her collection of handmade colourful fashion jewellery.

Designer Ayala Bar

Designer and namesake behind the brand, Ayala Bar has always been drawn to jewellery as a form of expression. Her main source of inspiration is the materials themselves. Her innovative. yet timeless style blends natural elements, glass beads, mineral stones and crystal rhinestones with assorted metals and fabrics, intricately crafted together into mosaic-like patterns to make, what can only be described as wearable art.

Ayala enjoys 'matchmaking' materials by testing contrasts, colours and textures to see how they interact together. For her, the possibilities are boundless and anything can trigger creative impulse. 

Through time, Ayala Bar's design aesthetics have increasingly reflected influences in the fashion world and seasonal colour changes. However her designs are always true to her inner vision and continue to be unique, unexpected, yet timeless. 

It is Ayala's hope to continue to evoke curiosity and intrigue through her work, as this is the true essence of what Ayala Bar stands for. All Ayala Bar jewellery, which includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets, are designed, handmade and brought to life in her studio in Gvatayim, Israel.

Some of our favourite pieces

Ayala Bar Earrings     Ayala Bar Earrings     Ayala Bar Beaded Earrings

Ayala Bar Metal Dangle Earrings     Ayala Bar Statement Earrings     Ayala Bar Costume Earrings

Ayala Bar Bracelet      Ayala Bar Necklace 


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