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In your Ivylee Compenhagen shoebox, you will you will find hours of dedication to detail, down to every line, curve and stitch.

Built on Danish design traditions where function and aesthetics go hand in hand, the Ivylee style is best described as Scandinavian simplicity with an edge, always adding a little twist of something unique you won’t get anywhere else. 

Kristine Holgaard

Kristine Holgaard is the creative force behind Ivylee Copenhagen, who brings more than a decade of design experience in the Scandinavian fashion industry to the brand. Kristine's love of simple style and beautiful footwear, combined with her focus on wear ability and comfort, makes Ivylee footwear perfect additions to any chic modern woman’s wardrobe.

"I don’t design shoes to pile up in the closet, but I want every pair of shoes to be the one you always put on because they just work with every outfit and for every occasion" says Kristine.

Kristine designs her collections together with her dedicated team our of their studio in Copenhagen, before being crafted in Europe from the finest materials in close collaboration with selected craftsmen.

Combining high quality materials, clean lines, natural colours and understated details, Ivylee Copenhagen offers great design at affordable prices, and we love the fact that their shoes can appeal to many different types of women.

Some of our favourite pieces

Ivylee Copenhagen Evy Escuvado Boots   Ivylee Copenhagen Stella Escuvado Boots   Ivylee Copenhagen Simone Escuvado Boots

Ivylee Copenhagen Iowa Boots   Ivylee Copenhagen Vivian Anilin Boots

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