August 20, 2020 1 min read


Hi Ladies, welcome back to another edition of our Zabecca Living series of videos on some of our favourite brands and best sellers.

I'm going to show you today our best selling sweaters by Third Story the Label.

They are one of the original 3rd Story styles. The one I'm wearing today is the Ulverstone Sweater. This one's in Tango Pink. We also have the Newhaven Sweater - this one's in Storm Blue. They both have a round neckline and they're a little bit shorter in the hem at the front than the back. The Ulverstone has a straight hem whereas the Newhaven has an asymmetrical hemline and it dips to one side at the back. They're both a mid-weight sweater so not very thick. They're made with 100% cotton so they wash and wear really well.

I've got mine on today with the 3rd Story Hamilton tank- also great with a Tee. I've also got on my Bondi Pants which go well with my Supergas sneakers - the look is super casual, great for working from home or homeschooling. We've got a range of colors, so if you like what you see hop online at Zabecca Living and get shopping.

Thanks for watching.

Bye, Miranda


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