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Here at Zabecca Living we feel strongly about supporting local designers and artisans that have a unique voice and a passion for what they do. We offer a carefully curated collection of jewellery that is lovingly crafted by hand by skilled craftspeople to be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. These pieces can only be described as wearable pieces of art.

Meet the artists

Kiralee McNamara_Murkani

Kiralee McNamara, MURKANI

Australian luxe jewellery brand, Murkani, believes in creating beautiful pieces in a mindful way. Founder and Designer, Kiralee McNamara's love of travel and architecture inspires her relaxed boho designs, with each piece made using natural materials that are long wearing.



Ayala Bar_Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar, AYALA BAR

Prominent Israeli jeweler and namesake behind the Ayala Bar brand has always been drawn to jewelry as a form of self expression. Ayala's main source of inspiration is the materials themselves, which include beads, stones, glass, metals and fabrics, intricately handcrafted together with a mosaic-like quality.



Leah Sherrin_Paird

Leah Sherrin and Vicky Parkinson, PAIRD

Twin sisters, Vicky and Leah, founded Paird with affordability and fun in mind. Their locally and lovingly hand crafted jewellery is inspired by their beautiful 'backyard' of the Victorian Mornington Peninsula beaches and bushland, with each piece is designed to be as unique as the person wearing it.



Royal Hamam_Elly Meltzer

Elly Meltzer, ROYAL HAMAM

Founder of Australian jewellery label Royal Hamam, Elly Meltzer, designed her first collection at the Taj Mahal. Elly's love of the exotic places she's visited defines the Royal Hamam aesthetic. Elly's aim is to create timeless and luxuriously exotic jewellery that tells a thousand stories, made by hand by artisans with care and focus.



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