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Here at Zabecca Living, we love Moké's jackets for both their durability and style, which is why we have brought a select range of Moke jackets to you. Explore the Moké Outdoor Apparel collection here

All Moké packable down styles have a fantastic warmth to weight ratio, great breathability, are extremely comfortable and are beautifully soft to the touch. The unique softshell of each jacket is made from lightweight yet strong four way stretch woven fabrics with durable water repellent treatments, ensuring quality and full water resistant, keeping weather out like a hard shell but breaths like fleece.

All jackets can been worn on its own or underneath another jacket and jumper as an extra insulator for the coldest conditions. Jackets have flattering side panels and tapered waist for extra shape. Each Moké jacket comes with its own packable bag making it perfect for travel or easy storage when on the go.

Why we love down!

Down is an incredible natural material and possibly natures greatest insulator. The naturally loose structure of down traps a very large amount of air. This air is then heated by the body to provide insulation. This is also why down clothing is packable and recovers very well from compression.

Additionally, down is highly breathable, lifting away perspiration so you don’t experience the clamminess which often occurs with synthetic fabrics.

You'll most likely see a ration figure on down products. This refers to the ratio of the blend of down and other feathers. The higher the percentage of down the higher the insulation properties related to weight. All Moké down products are 90% premium down and 10% other feathers eg 90/10.

Try to look for products that are certified under the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for our favourite products. 100% of the down in Moké products is certified under the Responsible Down Standard.

Some of our favourite pieces

MOKE Mary-Claire Black Down Vest   OKE Lynn Peacock Down Jacket   MOKE Arnie Reversible Black  Down Coat - Wetlook Tobacco


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