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Don't think Zabecca Living has forgotten about you men. We have a great range of Men's grooming and bod products, fashion accessories and gifts for Dads, partners, brothers, mates and everyone in between.

One of our favourite local brands is Solid State Fragrances - the world’s only solid grooming company. Solid State's compact men's cologne is a wax-based, highly concentrated cologne and 80% smaller (and therefore more convenient!) than traditional fragrances.

Solid State products don’t rely on water or alcohol as fillers, which means they’re longer-lasting than traditional products and will never melt. This also means they're much better for the environment.

All Solid State grooming products are Australian-made right here in Melbourne, using the best local ingredients and botanicals and are cruelty-free.

Applying Solid State Cologne is as easy as click, swipe and apply. The best places to apply your cologne are your pulse points - wrists, neck and behind the ears. Then slide the cologne in your pocket or bag and take it on the go. No mess, no spills, no bulk, no worries!

Some of our favourite fragrances

Solid State Cologne for Men - Aviator   Solid State Cologne for Men - Bloom   Solid State Cologne for Men - Haze

Solid State Cologne for Men, Journeyman   Solid State Cologne for Men, Wayfarer


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