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by Makayla Daglish March 25, 2021


'Transeasonal' is fashion's new buzzword. But unlike trendy jargon that comes and go, transeasonal fashion is here to stay.

With increase importance placed on slow fashion - choosing higher quality, versatile pieces that they will have longevity in your wardrobe, many brands are taking a new approach to fashion to help address the major problems the industry faces, the biggest being huge consumption and consequent massive amounts of landfill.

Transeasonal is the anti-season, covering clothes not specifically intended for Winter or Summer, and goes hand in hand with slow fashion. It is about curating your wardrobe so that your pieces sit across multiple seasons for multiple occasions, which means less consumption and less waste - and saving money over time. Bonus!

Here at Zabecca Living, sustainability is just as important to us as design. So you can be sure that the clothing you find in-store and online is of the highest quality, sourced from designers using ethically practices and features stylish and versatile aesthetics that you can style for now and for later.

As a final tip - layering is key. Look for pieces that you can throw on and take off in accordance with a sudden change in temperature and are less about trend and more focused on silhouette and wearability.


Some of our favourite transeaonal pieces

APERO Blanc Beaded Oversized Tee   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Camel Lexi Cotton Top   Zoe Kratzmann Ardent Top

HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Macy Wrap Skirt   WE ARE THE OTHERS The Panel Animal Print Detail Dress   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Navy Jo Jo Jumpsuit

INZAGI Green Tokyo Knit Jumper   HUMIDITY LIFESTYLE Rust Lumi Cardigan   WE ARE THE OTHERS Dusty Blue Blazer

Superga Sneakers   Juju & Co Leather Handbag   KOORINGAL Ladies Gigi Safari Hat


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